LFC Tribute Band go Top of the Pops

An unseasonably balmy November night under the Writtle floodlights saw another classic Monday Night Football spectacle. The football on show was no less steamy than the weather after another impressive team selection by the authorities which coincidentally aligned five Liverpool fans on the same team. Even with the last minute transfer of Danny to the non-LFC Bibs, there was no denying that the chemistry of the LFC Tribute boys would be a given and the Bibs would need to play at their full potential to match them.

The affair started with Jack L, the people's poet, doing his best Casper the Friendly Ghost impression and sneaking around the back of the Bibs for a flurry of early goals. The fun was short lived though with Callum dropping back to track the runners and plugging the gap. From then on it was an evenly matched see-saw spectacle with both teams deploying a high press and playing out from the back. The press was equally effective on both sides with Xerife Kay and Callum Becks regularly latching on to loose passes and impressively driving the ball home on numerous occasions.


Paul, Jack and Salah advancing with another devastating attack.

As is typical for a Monday night, defending was of the highest standard by both teams and many of the alternative goals in the game came from outside of the box. We saw spectacular finishes from long range specialists such as Chris P, Paul, Danny & Salah.

Mid way through the encounter there was an exhilarating 10 minute spell when the Bibs combined beautifully in the penalty box for streak of classy team goals and took an well earned lead. However, the non-Bibs did what all good teams in the face of adversity - restructuring their formation to close the gaps and refocuses on the possession based tactics that had given them the original lead. They finally took control of the game and proceeded to grind out a very well earned victory by just a couple of goals. The biggest sigh of the night came when the floodlights went out putting an end to this energetic battle which was thoroughly enjoyed by both teams, neither deserved to lose in all honesty.

On a final note, the game was not without the customary scandal. As the clock struck 35 minutes we saw the most controversial moment of the match with Eduardo, down on one knee, sweeping the ball away from the toes of a non-Bibs opponent. The challenge was declared a foul by the ref (Kay) and play stopped only to be followed by a 5 minute debate. The Bibs claimed that it was no different than a goal scoring tackle from the ever industrious Amore moments earlier.


Scenes from the controversial foul debate,


They may have a point, but as Winston Churchill said "history is written by the victors" and tonight it reads - Free Kick to Xerife, the winner.



It has been brought to the attention of Writtle 6-A-Side News that a non-bib player was incorrectly identified in the article. We apologise for this error and any offense it may have caused.