Writtle Massacre: the Balanced Bibs freeze out Salah's boys

At times it was hard to watch as the Bibs, beaming bright in the sub-zero Chelmsford air, danced around the hopeless non-bibs on their way to a famous victory. Even the introduction of a seventh player in the last 10 minutes couldn't prevent the Bibs from reaching a possible record 22 goals on the night.

The Bibs seemed to have constant time on the ball with neat passing, off-the-ball running and seamless rotation between the midfield and defence, expertly guided by the stand out player - Xerife Kay. The highlights included a series of sublime touches on the wing by Hamid and an inspired long range headed goal by Josh.

The non-bibs never really got going on the night despite a lot of energy and hard work, particularly in the first half before the game got away from them. There was some standout moments of skill from the usual suspects but the passing was less instinctive than the Bibs and consequently they were often drawn out of position before being punished on the counter attack. It is fair to say that the chemistry wasn't there for this team tonight but they will surely get better with time.

On the whole, as in often the case in these fixtures, it was the balance and commitment of the winning team which gave them the upper edge and resulted in an outstanding victory. Now they go on to their next challenge and another level - the fans are asking themselves, can this team do it on a cold Monday night in Writtle?