A Stash of One's Own

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By Clara Parkes

A new, addictive-to-read collection of essays and stories celebrating yarn-specifically, the knitter's reputation for acquiring it in large quantities and storing it away in what's lovingly referred to as a "stash." The pieces in this collection span from comical to earnest, lighthearted to deeply philosophical, in a celebration of the how, why, when, and what stash each knitter has accumulated over the years. We'll hear from bestselling authors, designers, yarn-store owners, essayists, sheep farmers, mill owners, and the people behind the world's largest collective online stash, Ravelry.com. The stories represent and provide validation for knitters' wildly varying perspectives on yarn, from holding zero stash to stockpiling masses of it-and even including it in estate plans.

The book also includes an essay by Rachel Atkinson, tech editor , founder of Daugher of a Shepherd Yarn and former Loopette! 
Lilith Greene of Old Maiden Aunt whose yarn we've loved and carried for a long time is also featured.