Chiaogoo Twist Shorties Red Lace Interchangeable (Mini red bag)

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World's smallest Interchangeable set!

An fantastic interchangeable system containing both 2” and 3” (5cm & 8cm) tips allowing knitters to make short circulars 9” through 14" (23cm - 36cm) long, including differential circulars.
This interchangeable set is compatable with the ChiaoGoo Mini Interchangeables but NOT with any of their other interchangeable sets.

This SHORTIES Set includes:

• 12 different sets of stainless steel lace tips in sizes US0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 (2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3 and 3.25mm)

• Tip sleeve with labeled pockets and snap closure that securely holds all tips

• Three different MINI-diameter cable lengths - 5", 6" & 8" (13cm, 15cm & 30cm)

• End stoppers, stitch markers, a mini needle gauge  and tightening keys

• Compact, red nylon, zippered case approximately 4 3/4" x 3 7/8" (120cm x 10cm) 

Features include:

• Solid, surgical stainless steel tips.

• Two tightening holes for a secure connection.

• All tips have the MINI diameter connection.

• Same MINI-diameter flexible, memory-free red cables you all know and love.

• Nine different cable/tip combinations allowing you to make 9" through 14" (23cm - 36cm) circulars (including differential circulars)!

 Note:  This new system of TWIST interchangeables is slightly different where tip sizes up to US3 (3.25mm) have a MINI diameter join.  
If you would like the larger sizes from 3.5mm to 5mm you can view the blue set here