Darning Repair Make Mend Vol 2- Hikaru Noguchi

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By Hikaru Noguchi

Written in Japanese 

This is the fourth darning book by Hikaru Noguchi who has become a guru of visable darning in Japan. With 27 different darning techniques and a lot of fine examples. This detailed step by step guide makes it easy for you to follow along; no matter what your language may be.

104 pages
All colour

Although the book is in Japanese, different techniques of decorative darning on knits and fabrics are explained with photo tutorials. The visible mending technique is derived from BORO ( boro boro meaning rags or tatters) and SASHIKO (little stabs or little pierces), two types of clothing traditionally repaired in Japan, with holes and patches embroidered with colorful yarns and decorative stitches.  

The practice of 'visible mending' has become increasingly popular, as part of the slow fashion movement, as a way to create a more mindful relationship with clothing, and as a form of self expression. 

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We also stock Hikaru's beautiful handmade darning mushrooms.